Employee Benefit Guidance & Compliance Solutions




Insurance Products

PF Compass offers our clients a full range of Insurance products that can be tailored to each client’s specific needs. By partnering with the Nation’s largest National General Agent, with over 5 billion dollars under management, PF Compass can confidently say that each client gains access to the industry’s finest insurance carriers and markets.


A High Level Strategy

The truth is, most benefits consultants have access to the same benefits information as their competition. Typically, these consultants will simply use a lackluster General Agent and shop the appropriate markets and then provide their clients with a presentation that offers a low level solution. PF Compass, goes beyond this, by consulting beforehand to develop a High Level strategy that goes beyond the classic dollar and cents presentation.



So how do companies manage their cost while avoiding employee resentment? Simple, it’s all about creating the appropriate Strategies! The proper strategies can result in automatic savings to your overall employee benefit package while indirectly increase employee morale.

Whether you have 2 or 500 employees, we have the correct strategy to assist you.


Tailored Insurance Products

Today, carriers offer a wide range of insurance products. Using these prefabricated products limits you to the carrier’s way of doing things. At PF Compass, we can help tailor employee benefit packages to addresses your specific approach.

If you haven’t noticed, Employee Benefits have become a hot topic for future and current employees. As a result, having the proper benefit programs to attract and retain employees has never been more crucial!

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