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What to expect from PF Compass

Many of today’s broker/consultants are only seen at renewal or when a claims issue arises. Unfortunately, many businesses are unaware that there is so much more their broker/consultant should be doing. At PF Compass we go well beyond what has become common broker responsibilities. Our consulting, service, support and technology will simplify your employee benefits, make sure you stay in compliance and improve employee communication.


1) Strategize

How many times have you been presented a simple spreadsheet? A renewal strategy begins well in advance to a group’s actual renewal. During this time your broker should begin strategizing ways to create overall savings whether it be direct or indirect. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to prevent increases, but you could rest assured that PF Compass will help reduce the overall impact of future increases.


2) Your Renewal Begins well in advance

As mentioned in point 1, receiving guidance begins well in advance to your group’s renewal. It is important for the client to understand the underlying cause of today’s changes and the results. PF Compass believes that providing guidance and information throughout the year is key to future planning.


3) Employee Web Portal Technology

Employee/employer portals can significantly reduce the amount of time a plan administrators spends overseeing employee benefits. Your employees will now have complete 24/7 secure access to all the information needed to learn, plan and make benefits decisions.


4) One-Call Customer Service

Of course, your PF Compass client manager is also available if questions arise. We deal with the carriers so you don’t have to.


5) Financial Performance Assessments

This step really depends on your group size. However, if applicable, PF Compass will provide you with analysis on how your plan has been performing and save any unwanted surprises.


6) Thought-out Employee Education

Employee education is so much more than the annual employee meeting. PF Compass strives to make sure:

  • Employees are satisfied with their benefits
  • Employees understand the effects of Health Care Reform
  • Employees know how to use their benefits
  • Employees know you are on their side
  • Employees know how to properly use their benefits


7) Todays trends

It’s important that your broker stay informed and involved in all the new products being offered by insurance carriers. Whether those product are Self-Funded plans, PEO’s or technology driven sizzle, we never get blindsided.

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