Employee Benefit Guidance & Compliance Solutions

Shawn Kennedy

Vice President of Client Services

What I do

Keep clients happy

Why I love it

When I resolve an issue for my clients it makes me feel good. On those days I will play my music and sing a little louder in my car on the way home.

Before PF Compass

I was actually a web designer. When the bubble burst in 2000 I decided to go back to school for business and here I am. My renewal kits tend to be a bit more creative (;

Outside PF Compass

I really love my family. I have a beautiful wife, two awesome boys and a dog that occasionally bites me. I look forward to the little things like pulling my kid around in his snow tube and watching him interact with other kids on the playground. You realize how quickly life moves when you have a family.


I have very stretchy elbow skin. They say it’s a sign of intelligence.


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