Employee Benefit Guidance & Compliance Solutions

Shawn Kennedy

Vice President of Client Services

What I do

My main role is in overseeing our large group business, working closely with clients and my team. I am a dedicated professional that takes great pride in ensuring client satisfaction. 

Why I love it

Problem-solving for my partners and clients brings me joy and a sense of fulfillment. On particularly successful days, you might catch me singing a little louder in my car, to my favorite tunes, on my drive home.

Before PF Compass

Originally I pursued a career as a web designer but when the dot-com bubble burst in 2000, I transitioned into the business field, returning to school to solidify my foundation in business, ultimately leading to my current role. My problem-solving approach, client-centricity, and tech savviness enabled me to add a creative touch to my work. 

Outside PF Compass

Outside of my professional work, my passion is my family. I enjoy time spent with my beautiful wife, three amazing kids, and our mischievous dog. I really enjoy the simple pleasures of life.


Despite never experiencing soccer as a kid, I have found myself totally immersed in soccer with my children, even building a training area in my garage for them!

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