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Employee Education & Communication

Employee Education & Communication

Education & Communication

Let Us Educate Your Employees About Their Benefits.

It’s true, educated employees are better able to manage their benefits and indirectly help you control ever rising healthcare cost. PF Compass specializes in employee education and communication that helps your employees interpret the challenging world of healthcare. We found over the years that tailoring our meeting material to your specific employee culture creates an easy to understand message. Our experienced benefit communication teams are there to make sure your employees are well informed.

It’s never just one and done! PF Compass is there to reach your employees all year long, not just during open enrollment. Doing this creates a relationship built on trust and makes it easier to drive positive behaviors and better overall moral.

Perhaps the most valuable aspect is employees now can have an active role in their benefits which in turn helps them make informed decisions:

  • Targeted open enrollment education and communications (e.g., benefit summaries, posters, postcards, flyers and PowerPoint presentations)
  • Topic-specific communication campaigns tied into your overall benefits strategy
  • Quarterly, employee benefit seminars

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