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Our Culture

Our Culture

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An insurance broker that is exciting? We bet you never heard that before! Believe it or not, our firm is often described as a fun and exciting place to work by our employees and carrier partners.

Over the years, our founders noticed that employees who enjoy coming to work every day, are much more productive and much better suited to represent our company. If you are going to entrust us to handle both employer and employee questions, wouldn’t you want to interact with someone who is pleasant and frequently smiles.

We truly have a unique culture at PF Compass. Our culture is shaped by our Core Values: Respect, Honesty, Commitment and Enthusiasm. Employees at PF Compass are dedicated to these values and take many steps to prove it. Whether it’s developing knowledge by participating in educational seminars or simply reading today’s news, our staff help to continually grow the company while making us better than the competition.

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