Employee Benefit Guidance & Compliance Solutions

Amy Gibriano

Office Manager & Executive Assistant

What I do

As the office manager at PF Compass as well as the executive assistant to PF Compass’ president, Perry Koplik, I am responsible for overseeing the day-to-day office operations, managing payroll, and ensuring license compliance for the team.

Why I love it

With extensive experience in large corporate environments, I find great fulfillment working in a smaller team setting at PF Compass. It allows me to cultivate stronger connections and provide more personalized assistance to both clients and colleagues. 

Before PF Compass

My career spans over 25 years as an Operations Manager and a Director of New Business, mostly in New York City in my early career. My experiences allow me to bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in operations to the company.

Outside PF Compass

Outside of the office, I enjoy spending quality time with her friends and family. I have a deep affection for animals which fuels my involvement with animal rescues and horse sanctuaries. As a Certified Reiki Master, I also donate my time to our local hospice, practicing energy healing on patients and offering comfort during challenging times.


On a lighter note, I had a remarkable moment in the 80’s when I had the unique opportunity to meet Clint Eastwood in the eighties. Although there were no selfies to capture the moment, the memory remains a cherished one.

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