Employee Benefit Guidance & Compliance Solutions

Perry Koplik

Founder & President

What I do

I actively drive the vision and strategy of PF Compass. I take immense pride in the company culture, the exceptional team we have assembled, and the loyal clients they serve. I like to lead by example, actively demonstrating my true passion for my role.

Why I love it

I enjoy being able to make a positive impact in people’s lives by helping them with matters that are most important: their family, financial health, and overall well-being. Internally, I thrive in the presence of my colleagues, relishing the chance to contribute to their success and be an integral part of their professional journeys.

Before PF Compass

The majority of my professional career has been dedicated to the evolution of PF Compass and sister company, Preferred Financial Partners. In my early years I was on a very different path as a classical musician and teacher. The transition I made from that world to business, health and wellbeing marked a significant turning point in my professional journey.

Outside PF Compass

Beyond my professional commitments, I find joy in my family, particularly my six adorable grandchildren. With a shared appreciation for the arts, my wife and I actively support artistic endeavors, with a special fondness for opera and ballet.


Despite his musical background, I grappled with stage fright—a hurdle that contributed to my change in career paths. Today, I have thankfully conquered this fear and enjoy opportunities to speak on the stages of summits and conferences.

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