Employee Benefit Guidance & Compliance Solutions

Maggie Johnson

Human Resources Consultant

What I do

I work with companies that may or may not have an HR department, but in either case want some additional HR expertise. Our HR services include helping to strategize current or future staffing needs, compliance with various employment law requirements, development of company-specific employee handbooks and policies, assistance with specialized HR projects, or being just a phone call away to give some advice on managing day-to-day employee issues and problems.

Why I love it

I get a kick out of helping people with people problems. I love the challenge and knowing that I’ve played a part in solving those problems. I enjoy planning and developing HR strategy. It is a true pleasure to see a company not only successfully grow, but also become a great place to work.

Before PF Compass

I have 30 years of multiple-industry experience. I’ve held the top HR job at most of the companies where I’ve worked. I’ve also worked as an HR consultant and have proven success in solving some highly complex issues, including tough union collective bargaining, in a manner that created a win-win! I’ve worked for large and small including start-up, national and international, union and non-union organizations. In all roles I’ve held, probably my most important skill was the ability to fully listen and understand my client’s concerns.

Outside PF Compass

In my free time, I perform the task of President of a 7-person Board for a 500-unit, residential co-op on the Upper East Side of New York City. I enjoy playing golf, although I would like to play it better. I force myself to go to the gym and Pilates classes. And a simple, but love to do, pleasure is having Sunday brunch with friends and family.


Up in a balloon over the Napa Valley in California! After I read the long disclaimer form explaining all of the terrible things that could happen, which was given to me just before boarding, I was really apprehensive. However, feeling that it was too late to back out, I got in the basket anyway. And I am so glad I did—it was a wonderful experience!


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