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The future of enrollment is here. No longer are the days of chasing down your co-workers for paper forms and trying to read illegible handwriting. No longer are the days of fax machines and staplers. We are in the digital age which is why we decided to offer Ease to all of our clients. Not only can you save time on enrollment, but you can maximize your workflow. What is Ease, you may ask? Let me explain.

Work with Ease

Ease is an online benefits administration and HR software.  Ease offers completely online digital enrollment which allows employers to streamline the process in incredible ways.

  • Ease allows you to enter new employee information, which then sends the employee a login code. This login code allows the employee to complete their W-2, W-4, and I-9 in just a few minutes.
  • Ease allows HR departments to send employees their benefits information and in turn, allows them to compare and select the best plan for them, all digitally!
  • In just a few clicks you can electronically submit benefits selections to your health insurance broker. No more stressing over your enrollment!
  • Employees can access benefits information digitally all year-round.
  • 5,000+ mapped carrier forms can be added to any plan in Ease.
  • Determine what employees are eligible for the plans you add and when. Access a dashboard with enrollment progress details and email employees yet to complete enrollment inside Ease.

Beyond Enrollment

Ease also goes beyond saving time on enrollment! Here are some great features that are also available!

  • ACA Compliance that ensures coverage offered meets government guidelines, sends required notifications and generates IRS forms.
  • Ease integrates with top tier payroll providers so your clients can sync deduction and demographic information.
  • Approve and request time off, access Company Directory, view Metrics, and more.

Going Further

PF Compass provides access to Ease for all of our clients at no extra cost. We understand how stressful enrollment may be, and we want to help you every step of the way! This just one example of how we will always go the extra mile for our clients to ensure their content and satisfaction. If you are interested in streamlining your enrollment process and improving workflow, contact us for an obligation-free consultation!

PF Compass works with clients who primarily reside up and down the Eastern Corridor. We work with all types of businesses, large and small, across a wide range of industries. Over the years we have created a reputation for providing quality group benefits and unmatched service for all our clients. As a result, we are proud to say that many of our clients have become loyal and continue to work with us for years to come.

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