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Private Exchange

Private Exchange

Private Exchange

Introducing Our Private Exchange

PF Compass has partnered with Bright Choices and Liazon to provide our clients with benefits technology that streamlines and automates the enrollment and eligibility process, and helps employees efficiently manage their benefits. Our interactive informational platform provides your employees with a robust shopping online experience that is second to none.

The system supports all coverage types including voluntary benefits. It features auto notification tools that eliminate manual reminders of eligibility and enrollment windows. Premium reconciliation and self-bill reports are generated, increasing the accuracy and reducing the amount of time it takes to verify carrier bills. Interactive storyboards, an avatar, and custom videos can be used to educate and guide your participants to smarter, more informed benefit decisions.

Other features and functions of our benefits administration technology include:

  • Unparalleled decision support tools
  • Education
  • Live virtual support
  • Year-round resources

What You Have Now

Misaligned Coverage

Annual Juggle of Rising Benefits Cost

Less Satisfied Employees

Administrative Headaches

With PF Compass / Bright Choices

Balanced Coverage for Diverse Risk

You Set Your Budget

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Streamlined Administration of Benefits

Why It Matters

Employees are Better Protected

Employer/Employee Control Their Budgets

Employees Understand Every Dollar You Spend On Benefits

You Save Time and Your Employees Get Better Service

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